Details of MLB's Arizona 2020 Season Proposal Are Absolutely Wild

MLB has a plan to return baseball to Arizona
MLB has a plan to return baseball to Arizona / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Major League Baseball, unlike the NBA and NHL, didn't even get to play a portion of their season before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

This puts the league in a unique position -- of course, they could theoretically bag the campaign as the nation goes through a disaster, without the record books affected in any way. However, that's not the preferred solution -- after all, who doesn't want baseball to return in some way, shape, or form, as long as it's safe?

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Word broke late Monday night that the league is focused on a CDC-backed proposal that could start games as soon as May, with the league entirely situated in Arizona. It's all a stunning turn of events.

Nobody saw May coming, and we're all having trouble fathoming how this plan could project normalcy.

And when you look at the details of the plan, things get even cloudier.

So, it's safe enough to play baseball, but not safe enough for umpires to be a part of the proceedings? And we're striking mound visits from the picture? And, uh, get rid of dugouts, too? The players just sit in the stands a recommended distance apart?

As of now, even though it's the league's apparent focus, this still feels like a wish-fulfillment race through a minefield of hurdles.