Justin Verlander's Social Media Silence Amid Astros' Cheating Accusations is Deafening | ADAM BOMB

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander
Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander

Need a quote from an MLB star on a current controversy within the game? Look no further than Justin Verlander.

If it's a controversy directly involving his team, then suddenly, you turn around and it's a bunch of steam in a Justin Verlander uniform. He's sprinted for the safety of his own locker room.

You may remember Verlander's mouth from previous scandals, like a perceived difference with the official MLB baseballs. He decided to speak about that all summer long with whoever put a mic in front of his face, forcefully and in a declarative fashion.

He'll talk to anyone! Except Anthony Fenech, of course, the reporter he had banned from Houston's locker room because the only words he doesn't know how to say are "off the record."

Pry further, and JV will let you know that the issue isn't the balls themselves, of course. Rather, it's being lied to.

Speaking of being lied to, Justin, any comments on your own manager smugly making a mockery out of cheating and sign-stealing accusations all postseason long, despite knowing full well his team had a tech-based system in place throughout 2017, and likely beyond?

Haven't heard from you yet about that. Haven't heard from your wife, Kate Upton, either, who tweeted her conscience five seconds after the controversial Game 6 call that nearly thwarted Washington's comeback bid (thank the Good Lord above, it didn't).

In fact, you haven't tweeted since congratulating your team's unanimous Rookie of the Year, Yordan Alvarez. Damn. Another incredibly talented young bat. Why, it's almost like there's enough talent in H-Town to render artificial advantages unnecessary. And yet...

Of course, this hypocrisy is nothing new from Verlander. When Robinson Cano's PED suspension broke, he was quick on the trigger with an eye roll of a response.

But when his own teammate, Jhonny Peralta, was suspended back in his Tigers days, he was singing a different tune.

But this prolonged silence is something new, entirely.

Generally, Verlander makes waves by perpetuating the news cycle with his outspoken nature. When he tries to cut off the noise and clamps down on freedom of the press, that makes echoes, too.

So, what's happened here, Justin? Evidence is mounting that illicit steps were being taken to ensure an Astros advantage throughout your 2017 title-winning season, the only year of your career to end with confetti. Whether you speak now or forever hold your peace, I already know what the video has branded you.

In your own words, my issue is I don't like being lied to.