​After winning the American League Cy Young, Rick Porcello got little time to celebrate. 

While the internet briefly acknowledged how successful Porcello's 22-win season was, the storyline about the Cy Young wasn't focused around the winner, or anyone who was in the running for the award. In fact, it wasn't focused on anyone who plays baseball at all. 

Supermodel Kate Upton was up in arms about how Justin Verlander got screwed over, and strung together a number of clever tweets to discuss her frustration. In her Twitter rampage, Upton fired out tweets calling out the credibility of the two writers who left Verlander off their ballots as well as Porcello himself. 

And Porcello has responded.

​​That's the composure we all saw this season. 

Why should Porcello care? The decision clearly wasn't his, and it's hard to say he didn't deserve it. He led the league in wins with 22, and now has to answer questions about whether or not he deserved it on what should be one of the most gratifying days of his life. 

Porcello may not have as many Sports Illustrated covers as Upton or Verlander, but at least he has the 2016 Cy Young. 

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