VIDEO: Jaylen Brown Deserves Praise for Leading the Way in Peacefully Protesting George Floyd's Death

Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown protesting in Atlanta
Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown protesting in Atlanta /

The George Floyd protests have made it incredibly clear that tweeting out complimentary hashtags praising the Black Lives Matter movement rings increasingly hollow unless some money or sweat goes into trying to cause real change. Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown took this concept to heart, as he left New England for Atlanta to vocally lead a non-violent protest.

Between the likes of Brown, JR Smith, and Karl-Anthony Towns all doing something on the frontlines, the NBA is clearly passionate about these protests.

Brown bristles whenever he hears the phrase "stick to sports," as he gave a very insightful speech on the role athletes have within society and how they can use their platform for change.

Brown's latest tweet asks society to remember that the actions of the non-violent protesters should not overshadow the fact that an unarmed man who was cooperating with police was killed on video, which is exactly what all these demonstrations are about.

Sitting on the sidelines, writing hollow think-pieces about how these protests should look, and virtue signaling doesn't compare to actually getting boots on the ground and protesting to make yourself heard. Brown did what many NBA players didn't have the fortitude to do, and he deserves nothing but praise for how he has conducted himself.