Eagles RB Miles Sanders Has Strong Response to George Floyd's Death With String of Tweets

Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders on Twitter
Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders on Twitter /

The response to the death of George Floyd has been tremendous, and appropriate. After a Minneapolis police officer pinned Floyd down by keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck, he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead later that day. Minneapolis citizens have held protests in the city since the video of Floyd’s killing started making rounds on social media.

Plenty of professional athletes took on the responsibility to post about the killing of Floyd as another example of police brutality and racism in America, a disease that has affected countless African-American men and women since the country’s inception. Eagles running back Miles Sanders joined them, sharing his thoughts on the matter with a simple three-word Tweet.

Sanders' words carry a lot more weight than most. For the African-American community, there is no “innocent until proven guilty,” which is how the criminal justice system is supposed to work. Instead, a significant population in this country walk around with a target on their backs at all times due to their skin color.

Sanders plays his professional ball in Philadelphia, one of the roughest cities in America when it comes to violence. He understands the magnitude of the issue at hand, which led to his tweet about another African American being killed by systemic racism.