History Says Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott Shouldn't Sign Record-Setting Contracts

Patrick Mahomes
History says to be weary of giving QBs huge money | Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

After Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, while Dak Prescott set new career highs in several categories, the pair of star quarterbacks are looking for major paydays in the near future.

They have both outplayed their pitiful current contracts, but both the Chiefs and Cowboys should pause before breaking the bank, as the QB with the highest salary cap hit in the league has had literally no postseason success over the last decade.

Every non-Manning on this list has missed the playoffs, and none of them won a playoff game.

While some of these contracts are hilarious outliers (Donovan McNabb's cap hit on the Redskins not being surpassed until Jimmy Garoppolo's contract in 2018, Mark Sanchez costing more than any QB in the league), the trend is worrisome for the Chiefs and Cowboys.

Unless they keep acing the draft and drafting stars to play on rookie contracts, that could make it hard for either Mahomes or Prescott to sustain success.

There is not a single soul that has a functioning brain that believes Mahomes shouldn't be the highest-paid quarterback in the league based on his talent and performance on the job. Likewise, Prescott should get a nice new deal. However, his contract is going to force deep Kansas City and Dallas rosters to jettison some of their key pieces, and both Jerry Jones and Brett Veach need to be ok with that reality. Only time will tell how things end up playing out in the Big D and KC.