Georgia Lapping Rest of NCAA by Allowing Spring Senior Athletes to Return Should They Choose

Georgia Bulldogs baseball
Georgia Bulldogs baseball / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After coronavirus wiped out the remainder of the year for college students and athletes across the country, many seniors on their school's spring sports teams began wondering if they would be allowed to participate next year. After all, their season was taken away by no fault of their own. Now that the NCAA has allowed eligibility for Spring sports seniors affected by the pandemic, it's on individual colleges to make their own decisions, and so far, Georgia has been ahead of the game.

Among other colleges, the University of Wisconsin announced on Thursday that they would not allow their spring athletes to return in 2021. Those who are seniors this year have played their last games as college athletes. According to some reports, they aren't the only school to make the heartbreaking decision.

However, in Georgia, it's a much more hopeful story. Athletic Director Greg McGarity has stated that the Bulldogs plan to continue to support their spring athletes.

The athletes who have had their senior seasons taken from them have been vocal about their pain lately, so it's nice to see that at least one school has taken it upon themselves to help out students who have been placed in difficult circumstances. If the NCAA, a notoriously heartless organization, is willing to allow it, there's no reason schools should snub the players that have given so much of their time to make them money.