Former Pizza Hut Assistant Manager Says Michael Jordan Food Poisoning Story is a 'Bunch of Crap'

JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

One of the most iconic moments of Michael Jordan's illustrious NBA career came in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, better known as the "Flu Game" by diehards. As Jordan fell brutally ill in Utah, he not only persevered to play in Game 5, but delivered an incredible performance with 38 points, seven boards, and five assists to bring the Bulls one step closer to another NBA title.

ESPN's The Last Dance documentary recounted that iconic game, but instead of the flu being the culprit, MJ's entourage made it seem like it was food poisoning, intentional or not, that overcame Jordan.

However, that may not have been the case.

Craig Fite, former assistant manager at a Utah Pizza Hut, claims that it could not have been poisoned food that burdened Jordan, as he made the pizza himself. Fite says he both hand-made and delivered the pizza Jordan ate the night before the game, and had bet on the bulls, meaning no ill will towards the GOAT.

Part of the confusion stemmed from the documentary's claim that five people had shown up to deliver a single pizza. Suspicious. Fite denies that accusation, stating that there were only two men who had to go through security to reach Jordan's room.

Even if Fite put all his efforts into the pizza as a Bulls fan himself, food poisoning may have happened accidentally. Or it could have been the flu. Or, a third thing. Either way, we will likely never know, and Jordan's "Flu Game" will continue to be remembered in the way he recounts it for a long time to come.