Cubs' Jason Kipnis Captures Biggest Difference Between MLB and NBA With One Snarky Tweet

Jason Kipnis seems to favor Adam Silver over Rob Manfred
Jason Kipnis seems to favor Adam Silver over Rob Manfred /

Players are starting (or, for some, continuing) to show off their seething anger towards MLB commissioner Rob Manfred on social media. Everyone is justifiable irate after he stated he's unsure if a 2020 MLB season will happen due to the negotiations between the owners and MLBPA, despite possessing the power to institute a 48-game season as nuclear option.

For Chicago Cubs infielder Jason Kipnis he wishes he was in a sport that has a commissioner who actually wants to see games played, as evidenced by his tweet from Monday.

Silver managed to create a plan to restart the NBA season in Orlando, all the while adjusting the offseason and 2020-21 season calendars and trying his best to placate concerned players. His plan isn't perfect, but that kind of leadership is what Silver was put in charge to do.

Manfred, meanwhile, is sitting atop his gilded throne paid for by a new TV rights deal the league signed with Turner, pointing fingers, and washing his hands of responsibility. Which one sounds like the better commissioner?

Silver has worked overtime as both a representative for his 30 owners and a delegate for whom players can voice their concerns about the league. Manfred is so inept that he can't even seem to pick a side in this debate given his inconsistent commentary and lack of action, which is exactly what baseball does not need at the moment.