Max Scherzer Channels Anger of Every Baseball Fan in Tweet Ripping Rob Manfred and MLB

Max Scherzer went after Rob Manfred on Twitter
Max Scherzer went after Rob Manfred on Twitter /

Despite saying days ago he was 100 percent certain there would be a season, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated on Monday that he's now unsure a 2020 campaign will take place. That flip-flop drew the ire of Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer.

Scherzer went after the commissioner following these comments, claiming that "the fans do not deserve this" and adding that players are ready for the season to start, and they just need a start time and location.

Scherzer has not been shy about going after Manfred and the owners, as Mad Max is clearly chomping at the bit to defend his World Series title.

Instead of both parties working together to further the same end, the owners have been trying to repackage what has essentially been the same deal in four different ways. This stalemate is a direct indictment of Manfred, who still has the power to set a schedule per the March agreement between the union and the owners.

Scherzer's anger is far from misplaced considering the governing figure of the sport can't figure out a way to get the season started despite every other sports league being miles ahead of Major League Baseball.