Cardinals Ace Jack Flaherty Makes Valid Point About MLB's Safety Concerns and UFC

Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty has a problem with MLB's safety protocols during the coronavirus pandemic.
Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty has a problem with MLB's safety protocols during the coronavirus pandemic. /

Major League Baseball is trying their hardest to try and get the 2020 regular season started by early July. The collective confidence was through the roof a few weeks back, but a campaign appears less and less likely with each passing day. Many players aren't thrilled with the call for repeated pay cuts, while citing the risk they'd have to put themselves through to play during the spread of COVID-19.

MLB sent a 67-page plan to the players union citing the various safety protocols that will be put in place for the upcoming campaign, which should at least prove that the league is being thorough. One of the biggest rulings in their plan involves absolutely no physical contact with other players, unless it's during a normal play.

One Twitter user called out MLB on these protocols, citing that UFC fighters were sweating and bleeding over each other on Saturday evening. St. Louis Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty shared that exact same sentiment in a reply to the individual.

Even though we approve MLB's plan to protect the wellbeing of the players, there is a bit of hypocrisy when you look at the UFC (or, alternately, this is a sign that the UFC is...truly not doing their part here).

In the proposed plan, the league is prohibiting players from beaning batters and fighting to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, players aren't allowed to take Uber rides to and from home, and they can't even shower in locker rooms after the game.

Meanwhile, mixed martial artists are punching each other in the face repeatedly and tackling foes down to the mat.

The league is doing everything in their power to make sure the 2020 season goes on without a hitch, even with these numerous safety rules, yet Flaherty doesn't appear to be a fan of the no physical contact protocols. We're sure he's not the only player to feel the same way.