Bat Flippers and Showboats Are Huge Winners Thanks to New MLB Rules on Physical Contact

Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson
Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson / Ron Vesely/Getty Images

When we look back years from today, it's quite possible the COVID-19 pandemic will have played a role in making baseball fun again.

The interminable argument between the unwritten rules defenders and the new-school showboating entertainers has yet to be settled. Fans still see players -- specifically pitchers -- retaliate for what they feel are tasteless bat flips or gestures in the name of preserving the integrity of the game.

Unfortunately for all the traditionalists, we have some bad news.

It looks like our good friend Tim Anderson is going to enjoy chucking his bat and establishing real estate in opposing pitchers' heads, especially since they can't retaliate. Well, perhaps they could get revenge, but we can imagine it'll result in a lengthy suspension given the sensitive nature surrounding the 2020 season -- it's already shortened so players' health needs to be preserved and any provoking on any kind needs to be severely limited or eliminated altogether.

While brawls sure do make baseball fun to watch, they're few and far between. Younger fans would definitely rather see raw emotion and genuine celebrations in response to big moments.

And why not small ones?! It's all in good fun, right?

Well, not for Brian McCann...