5 Former Players That Have No Business Being in Sports Media

Booger Mcfarland
Booger McFarland at the Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles Monday Night Football game. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

When the playing days of a professional athlete are over, they often have more career paths open to them than the average citizen. Sports media is among the most common ventures due to their popularity and knowledge from playing, which can translate to success informing the public on sports.

But sometimes, it doesn't work out so smoothly. These five individuals probably should have considered some of the other career paths open to them instead of trying to impose themselves into the public mindset.

5. David Carr

Former Houston Texans QB David Carr
Former Houston Texans QB David Carr

David Carr's playing career couldn't have given him any less confidence to bring to the NFL Network. Since 2016, Carr has brought one of the most drab and passive personalities to various NFL Network panels. He's good for regurgitating statistics in a somewhat deep voice, but bad for bringing the type of assertive and charismatic energy one expects from a former player. His career as an analyst is turning out to be as mediocre as his tenure as a QB.

4. Reggie Miller

Former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller
Former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller | Elsa/Getty Images

The physical speed and reflex needed to score eight points in nine seconds in the NBA could only translate to Miller's verbal ability to say "Uhh" eight times in nine seconds on live television. Miller's slow-paced monotone speaking voice doesn't bode well as an NBA personality, leaving a sense of disinterest in whatever subject matter he is tackling. He's had more than enough time to improve, but unfortunately Miller's commentary isn't as sharp as his jump shot.

3. Chris Webber

Chris Webber
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets | Bob Levey/Getty Images

Color commentary is not as easy as it sounds, which is a statement that probably should have been told to Chris Webber and the folks who hired him before bringing him on as an analyst. Webber was a gifted player, but lacks any sort of natural ability when it comes to live commentating. His frequent incorrect statements when broadcasting would equate him to being too turnover-prone to start in the NBA, but his name and reputation means that basketball fans are subject to his regular gaffes on TNT.

2. Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson coaching the Golden State Warriors.
Mark Jackson coaching the Golden State Warriors. | Getty Images

Mark Jackson commentating an NBA game is enough to bring some fans to turn the programming off. He brings a conservative preachiness to every broadcast booth he touches, speaking on what parts of the modern NBA he dislikes rather than providing insightful analysis on the game at hand. His constant negativity can be a drag for viewers, as the former head coach often comes off as being bitter.

1. Booger McFarland

Booger McFarland
Booger McFarland at the Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans Monday Night Football game. | Bob Levey/Getty Images

Monday Night Football will be a disaster so long as Booger McFarland is on the call. In contrast to some of the other members of this list, McFarland certainly doesn't lack personality. He does however, lack any restraint when it comes to his long-winded, often irrelevant and sometimes just vulgar commentary on ESPN's Monday Night Football. His comments are often enough to infuriate viewers, and it seems there's a fresh batch of complaints every week.