5 Dumbest Things Reggie Miller Has Said During NBA Broadcasts

Reggie Miller was an incredible player, but is not a very good analyst.
Reggie Miller was an incredible player, but is not a very good analyst. / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Former star sharpshooter Reggie Miller is a Hall of Fame NBA player, at one point being widely known as the best 3-point specialist of all time. However, his post-playing career as an analyst has not been as successful as his playing career.

While Miller may be in the booth calling games multiple times a week, and can guest star on different podcasts and shows, Miller can say some pretty objectionable lines on live television from time to time. With plenty to choose from, these are the five dumbest things Reggie Miller has said during NBA broadcasts.

5. Brandon Ingram, the Point Guard

The 2016-2017 Los Angeles Lakers were quite the laughable team, going 26-56 and having chemistry issues (looking at you, Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell). However, the PG depth wasn't so awful that their top playmaker was their rookie SF who averaged 2.1 APG. The trio of D'Angelo Russell, Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson were all superior to Ingram in terms of passing, not to mention PF Julius Randle, who had 100 more assists than Ingram. Bad call by Reggie Miller.

4. Great Pun, Reggie

Reggie Miller clearly does not know what a pun is. When discussing New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis starting to take over, he says, "Davis must recognize that he is the best player on the floor, no pun intended, Steph Curry." While Davis may be the best player on the floor to the exclusion of Steph Curry, it certainly is not a pun in any capacity. Did...did he think Steph's name was "Best"?

3. Great Pointer to Coaches

Reggie Miller's tip to coaches is not something that could be easily comprehended. Honestly, I'm not even sure what Miller meant here. It is especially funny when bringing up the fact that Miller was a far cry from being known as a top-notch defender, and was frequently exposed on that end of the court. Either way, this comment is undecipherable and is definitely towards the top of the list of dumbest things he's said.

2. Exposed by Boeheim

Jim Boeheim, one of the more respected coaches in the NCAA, publicly shamed Reggie Miller for claiming that the Syracuse basketball team played a "man-to-man" defense. Miller had previously stated that the Orange played a man-to-man, and Boeheim was quick to set that straight, while poking fun at Miller and his weaknesses as a basketball player.

1. Miller's Flip-Flopping About Durant

After Kevin Durant won his first championship, Reggie Miller was very defensive of KD's switch to the Warriors, saying all that matters was that he won his first championship. This statement completely contradicts what he'd said a year earlier: "At the end of the day, what's more important, rings or legacy? A king should never leave his kingdom." Miller clearly jumps on the bandwagon, defending and attacking any player that is in the media for a particular reason.