4 Dumbest Booger McFarland Comments From Bills-Texans Wild Card Game

ESPN NFL commentator Booger McFarland
ESPN NFL commentator Booger McFarland / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Who in there right mind decided it was a good idea to permit ESPN coverage of an NFL playoff game?

The Monday Night Football pairing of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland were at their all-time worst while calling Saturday's bout between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans.

The latter, as he normally does, was unleashing painfully erroneous and flat out obvious utterances all game long. Let's highlight of few of them shall we?

4. Explaining An Obvious Two-Point Scenario For Houston

After a Carlos Hyde touchdown scamper gave Houston a one-point lead late in the fourth quarter, Booger brazenly conveyed to viewers that the Texans would be going for two to go up a field goal. Uh, you think? Way to dig deep here, McFarland.

3. "Joe Morris of the Jets"

Oh, no. Booger claimed that former NFL tailback Joe Morris played for the Jets, when he, in fact, spent seven seasons (1982-1988) -- two of which were Pro Bowl campaigns -- with the Giants. Just say nothing, McFarland. It's better than how easily you are tarnishing your brand as ESPN's lead NFL commentator with these lousy miscues.

2. "I've loved his (Josh Allen's) poise."

Clearly, Booger and the rest of the nation weren't watching the same football game. Josh Allen, though calm and composed in the first half, was anything but in the final two quarters, plus overtime. Because it needs to be said again, the Bills signal-caller recklessly attempted to lateral the pigskin backwards to tight end Dawson Knox on a play that did not call for desperation. Luckily for Allen, Knox knocked the rock out of bounds before the Texans could pounce.

1. Advising the Bills to "Run Draw" and "Spike it"

On a 3rd-and-10 with Buffalo's playoff lives on the line, McFarland somehow came to the settlement that HC Sean McDermott should have a ran a draw play to gain some real estate and subsequently spike the pigskin to set up a game-tying kick with Steven Hauschka. Um, no. That would have lost them the game. As fans, we don't ask for much from commentators. But paying attention to the down-and-distances in the closing seconds of a playoff game is definitely one of our requests.