3 Funny Mistakes Made by Monday Night Football Crew During Seahawks-Vikings

Booger Mcfarland
Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It's all fun and games for us, but the ESPN Monday Night Football production truck must be a circus this season. Surely, we all thought the addition of Booger McFarland and subsequent demotion of Jason Witten to the Dallas Cowboys (yes, we're calling it that) would have some bumps in the road...but not like this! Monday night's game between the Vikings and Seahawks was the worst we've seen from the Joe Tessitore-Booger McFarland pairing.

3. Minneapolis Miracle Was a Vikings Loss

Nope! Not even close. By now, it's gone viral, but McFarland stated that the Minneapolis Miracle, in which the Vikings advanced to the NFC Championship Game, was one of the worst losses in the franchise's history. That's simply not true, and funny to boot.

2. Underestimating Russell Wilson

Once again, not true! Sure, Wilson hasn't received this kind of MVP consideration in years past, but he's been in the upper echelon for quite some time now. This is revisionist history and then some.

1. Joe Tessitore Calls DK Metcalf 'Decaf Metcalf'

Do I even need to explain? DK Metcalf is a well-known commodity in the NFL as a rookie, yet Tessitore turned him into a Starbucks drink. It's hilarious and we're ever-grateful, but for a professional broadcaster that's a mistake that just can't happen. Sorry to rain on the parade.