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VIDEO: Booger McFarland Strikes Again After Claiming Vikings Lost 'Minneapolis Miracle' Game

Booger McFarland says Vikings lost Minneapolis Miracle game
Booger McFarland says Vikings lost Minneapolis Miracle game

Oh, Booger McFarland. All we ask for is one week without a comment that leaves the country's jaws collectively on the floor. McFarland's latest gaffe comes at the expense of the road team, as he claimed that the "Minneapolis Miracle" game in which Stefon Diggs sent the Vikings to the NFC Championship in a win over the New Orleans Saints, was actually a loss for Minnesota.

Of course, the Minneapolis Miracle! You know, a game that the Vikings WON.

Booger's point may stand, as the Vikings have long been one of the league's most snakebitten franchises, but when you cite THAT game, of all the blunders in that franchise's history, as evidence towards that point, whatever credibility you have gets sucked away.

Keep in mind, this is the only analyst on the second-biggest game in any given NFL week making these comments.

Stay tuned until the third quarter, when Booger's latest mind-bending comment somehow makes him sound even more ridiculous than he does now.