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VIDEO: Joe Tessitore Mispronounces DK Metcalf's Name in Hilarious Fashion on MNF Broadcast

Joe Tessitore called DK Metcalf Decaf Metcalf
Joe Tessitore called DK Metcalf Decaf Metcalf

Seattle Seahawks star rookie wide receiver DK Metcalf literally handed Minnesota all the momentum in Seattle's Monday Night Football matchup against Kirk Cousins and the Vikings with a late fumble. Joe Tessitore, continuing what has been a rough night for the MNF TV crew, tried and failed to pronounce Metcalf's name in spectacular fashion. No, this is not a Starbucks order.

Metcalf got the caffeine knocked right out of him on that game-changing hit, and he's unfortunately earned himself a dubious new nickname.

Should the fumbles continue, Decaf Metcalf might catch on in a bad way in the Seattle area. Considering it's the home of the original Starbucks, we wouldn't be surprised.