Young Fan Hit in Face by Home Run During Batting Practice at Mets Spring Training

A Mets fan was hit in the face at Spring Training
A Mets fan was hit in the face at Spring Training / Hunter Martin/Getty Images

During batting practice at New York Mets Spring Training in Port St. Lucie, a Mets fan was hit in the face by a home run, which prompted the staff nearby to call for immediate medical attention.

Per those on the scene, shortstop Amed Rosario came up near the fence to quickly check on the fan, while second baseman Robinson Cano was asked by another fan to sign the ball and present it to the afflicted fan, which the All-Star second baseman graciously did.

It is still not clear who hit the ball, nor the current condition of the fan who was hit, but a ball that traveled 400 feet at 100 miles per hour off the bat hitting someone's head is clearly cause for major concern.

The MLB has taken some major steps to prevent fans from getting injured by wayward batted balls, but it's almost impossible to prevent something like this.

While the fan did get a little consolation prize from Cano in the form of a signed baseball, we're just hoping that they escaped with only minor injuries.