Yankees Should Steal This Young Slugger From Rockies in Surprise Trade

The New York Yankees could look to trade for Colorado Rockies IF Ryan McMahon.
The New York Yankees could look to trade for Colorado Rockies IF Ryan McMahon. / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The New York Yankees are a team that's always looking to get better. The franchise has the money to acquire just about any player's impending salary increase, and also features plenty of high-upside trade chips in the farm system (especially on the mound).

Depth is a key concern for the Yankees after dealing with so many injuries to key players the past few seasons. That could lead Brian Cashman and the front office to seek out a player who can play multiple positions from a team that's been a frequent trading partner. Underrated Colorado Rockies infielder Ryan McMahon fits that description, and also brings some notable power to the plate.

McMahon hit 24 home runs in 2019 (did you notice?) in what was his first full MLB season. He primarily played second base, but can also play at first, third, and in the outfield if needed. Any negative argument about him playing in a hitter's park in Colorado is made void, considering the Yankees collectively hit over 300 home runs in 2019. They can bash, too.

So what would it take for the Yankees to acquire the young slugger? The Rockies are always seeking out top pitching talent to combat the way the ball travels in Denver in the altitude. Two Yankees prospects who should be on the Rockies' radar are Luis Gil and Michael King.

Gil is the No. 5 ranked prospect in the Yankees system and is a 6-3 right-handed pitcher. He made 20 Single-A starts in 2019 and finished with a 2.72 ERA. Gil is a few years away from his MLB debut, and is a great rebuilding piece for a Rockies team that went 71-91 last season. He's got the type of electric strikeout stuff that plays in any ballpark.

King made his MLB debut last year in September after an elbow injury gave him a late start to the season. He gets hitters to groundout nearly twice as much as they flyout, and features a sinking fastball as one of his top pitches. That is exactly what Rockies pitchers need while playing at Coors Field.

The Rockies are a bit of a mess and appear set for a rebuild, even after signing Nolan Arenado to an eight-year deal. McMahon had one great year, and the team can capitalize by swapping him for two pitchers who still have more years of team control than the young slugger. The Yankees just have to convince the Rockies they'd benefit from adding an MLB-ready arm who fits their conditions perfectly, as well as a high-upside arm here.