Yankees Outspending 25 Years of Pirates Free Agency on Gerrit Cole Deal Says More About Pittsburgh

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is now a New York Yankee | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Every so often in the game of baseball, you'll see statistics presented to you in an effort to shame big-spending teams for creating a warped mockery of everything joyous about the game of baseball. Using money? In THIS economy?!

But, without fail, these statistics reflect much more poorly on the lower end of the totem pole than they do on the big spenders.

Take, for instance, the latest figures meant to shame the Yankees for their acquisition of Gerrit Cole, which end up shaming the Pittsburgh Pirates instead.

Yeah, that's...that's bad behavior? Not sure what you're driving at?

It's simple, really: THIS GAME HAS NO SALARY CAP. If a team is unwilling to pay for a powerful luxury like Cole, that's fine. But if they cannot equal his total contract in 25 full years of the sport, a number that would only take, say, six moderately-sized free agent contracts to match, then that's neglectful. And it all falls on ownership.

If an organization goes two-and-a-half decades without even making the type of reasonably-priced free agent acquisitions that could put their roster over the top, then what does that do for comfort?

But by all means, keep shaming the Yankees' owners for using their financial resources to craft a better product, and keep pitying the Pirates, run by people who refuse to pay their employees an equivalent wage.