Gerrit Cole Contract Details With Yankees Revealed

Gerrit Cole faces Pittsburgh Pirates
Gerrit Cole faces Pittsburgh Pirates / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Gerrit Cole received an absolutely massive nine-year deal with the New York Yankees, tying him to the Bronx for at least the next five years, prior to his first opt-out clause.

The longevity of the deal was expected, as Cole is only 29 years of age. The value of said contract increased dramatically thanks in part to Stephen Strasburg, who signed a record deal of his own just days prior.

Cole's $324 million might be second to Harper in overall value, but his AAV is far higher, making it one of a kind. Still, we knew the Yankees would have to surpass the $300 million plateau should they wish to take Cole away from other potential suitors in Los Angeles in the Angels and Dodgers. So, Brian Cashman gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Putting Cole's contract in perspective makes it even more astounding. But, that's the current market, as MLB teams are making more money than ever and the quality of free agent pitching is ever-increasing.