Yankees Making it Clear Clint Frazier is Very Available No Matter What Brian Cashman Says

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Yankees have been included in nearly every rumor as the trade deadline approaches, but to this point have been reluctant to include some of their top prospects.

However, no matter how much lip service they've paid over the past month to the idea that Clint Frazier is certainly part of their future, despite his demotion, Jeff Passan is here to throw some cold water on it.

ESPN's Passan tweeted a story on Saturday claiming the Yankees' young outfielder is very much available in trade talks.

The Yankees starting pitching has been brutal since the All-Star Break, posting an 5.48 ERA in 15 starts. Although the Yankees are 9-6 in that stretch, it's no thanks to their arsenal of arms. The offense produced four or more runs in all of those nine wins.

In those six losses, the opposing team averaged over 8.5 runs per game. Pitching is a necessity for New York, and the willingness to include Frazier in any deal could land them the likes of Madison Bumgarner, Zack Greinke or Noah Syndergaard.

Frazier is buried in Triple-A all of a sudden thanks to a deep outfield on the major league roster. In 191 big league at-bats this season, Frazier is hitting .283 with 11 home runs and a .330 OBP. His bat is a prized commodity for any rebuilding team looking to start fresh with young talent.

It's likely Frazier gets dealt in the next few days, and it's just a matter of where and when.