Winners and Losers of 2020 MLB Draft

Vanderbilt star Austin Martin was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays
Vanderbilt star Austin Martin was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays / Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB Draft, shortened to just five rounds amid the coronavirus pandemic, has come and gone, and most MLB teams left the last two days of wheeling and dealing with a new franchise cornerstone that could end up in the major leagues sooner rather than later. While it will take years before one can accurately judge these draft classes, a couple teams made some clear reaches in the early parts of the draft, while some came out as clear winners after stealing some of the best prospects in the country.

6. Loser: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox adding YouTube sensation Blaze Jordan in the later rounds shows that Chaim Bloom is a master at picking up high-profile power bats in the draft, but that doesn't make their first-round pick any less confusing. Nick Yorke profiles as a promising hitter with a solid glove at second base, but picking him in the second round would have been a bit of a stretch, let alone 17th overall. The Red Sox are putting a lot of eggs in his basket, and that is a risky proposal. Adding Jordan doesn't mask the fact that Boston had more than enough money to pick another top talent up top, too.

5. Winner: Colorado Rockies

it's tempting for the Rockies to just draft the highest-rated sinkerball pitcher in the first round every year, but the Rox bucked that trend by adding high school outfielder Zac Veen, who owns a sweet swing that should find the expansive Coors Field gaps frequently, and promising high school catcher Drew Romo. Topping the second round off by drafting Miami starter Chris McMahon, thought by many as a first-round talent, solidified Colorado as one of the big winners of the last few days.

4. Loser: Texas Rangers

First- and second-round picks mean more than they usually do this year due to the truncated draft, and the Rangers made two of the most unusual picks in the first two rounds in quick succession. First-rounder Justin Foscue looks like a solid offensive infielder, but he was not worth a first-round pick. Evan Carter, Texas' second-round pick, was not in Baseball America's Top 500 prospects! Jon Daniels better hope these guys all pan out, or he might be out of a job.

3. Winner: Detroit Tigers

The Tigers didn't have to do a lot of critical thinking when it came to the No. 1 overall pick, as they used the first pick on Arizona State first baseman Spencer Torkelson. The Tigers didn't stop adding future stars at Torkelson, as they picked up Ohio State catcher Dillon Dingler and LSU outfielder Daniel Cabrera in the second round. All three of these picks shouldn't need a lot of time in the minor leagues, and should hit Comerica Park in short order.

2. Loser: Houston Astros

The Astros made some solid picks later in the draft, as high school pitcher Alex Santos and Vanderbilt righty Ty Brown should speed through the minors, but it's hard to have a good draft when you lost a first- and second-round pick due to some sign stealing. It took until June, but the Astros are finally starting to feel the repercussions of their cheating scandal mess with their on-field results.

1. Winner: Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays had to be pinching themselves when Austin Martin, who almost hit .400 during his last full season of baseball, fell into their laps at the No. 5 overall pick when it was assumed for weeks prior the Baltimore Orioles would pick him second overall. As if the Blue Jays needed another young prospect that could roll out of bed and hit .300. Against all odds, an elite defender, hitter, and baserunner in Martin was gift-wrapped for them at No. 5. The future in Toronto is certainly looking bright.