Boston is Getting Worried That the 'New Tom Brady' is Going to Snitch on the Patriots

Tom Brady might give up some juicy Pats secrets
Tom Brady might give up some juicy Pats secrets / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As seen during "The Match," Tom Brady looks and sounds like a completely different person after leaving the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Freed from the controlling regime of Bill Belichick, TB12 has been more outgoing, active on social media, and vocal about a diverse range topics. A few Boston radio hosts don't like the reformed Brady's demeanor, as they are worried he could accidentally let a couple of the team's more unflattering secrets slip if this keeps up.

Brady's friction after two decades with Belichick was often cited as one of the key factors that drove him away from the iron-fisted dictator and towards the more relaxed Bruce Arians.

Let's be honest, would Brady be doing charity golf matches or releasing documentaries when OTAs were supposed to be happening if he was still in New England? Absolutely not. Bostonians have every right to be afraid that he could snitch on his old team one day.

This new, more outgoing Brady might be a refreshing change of pace for fans of all 31 other teams, but Pats partisans must be nervous that he'll accidentally blurt out some of the organization's darkest secrets.

If they have any, of course.