3 Controversies We Hope Are Addressed in Looming Tom Brady Documentary

Tom Brady
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hoists the Vince Lombardi trophy in after winning his sixth Super Bowl in 2019 | Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady has done plenty in his career to earn praise. Brady's six Super Bowl rings are an all-time high, and he sits second on the career passing yardage leaderboard. He has made a strong case for GOAT status, and has inspired an upcoming ESPN documentary, "The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady".

We're very familiar with Brady's greatness, but looking behind the scenes at some of the Pats' controversies over the years would be incredible.

3. The Tuck Rule Game

Sometimes it's hard to remember that the New England Patriots dynasty was one controversial call away from an unanticipated delay. The 'Tuck Rule' call in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs is still argued over today. Did Brady tuck the ball in, or was it an incomplete pass? The play became so controversial that it led to the rule being abolished in 2013. Charles Woodson and the Oakland Raiders have made their stance clear, and it would be great to hear Brady's side of the story.

2. Spygate

New York Jets v New England Patriots
Tom Brady tackled by a New York Jets defender in 2007 | Al Pereira/Getty Images

During the 2007 NFL Season, the New England Patriots were caught recording the New York Jets' defensive coaches and their signals. Although Brady was not directly implicated, it would be informative to see his side of the story. Having knowledge of the other team's defense would've made it much easier for Brady to succeed as a QB, and is a potential stain on his legacy that fans would love to see fleshed out.

1. Deflategate

Possibly the most infamous scandal in NFL history, Deflategate brought the football world to a standstill. The allegation was that Tom Brady had ordered team officials to deliberately deflate the balls used in the 2014 AFC Championship in order to gain an advantage. This is the first point anyone brings up when arguing against Brady's greatness. Seeing the documentary shy away from Deflategate would be a huge disappointment.