Wayne Rooney's Wife Coleen Accuses Jamie Vardy's Wife Rebekah of Leaking Instagram Gossip to The Sun

A months-long ruse appears to have delivered in the best possible way.

Soccer Twitter came through with an incredibly gleeful bombshell early on Wednesday morning, when legendary English forward Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen revealed she'd spent the past few months doing detective work on the sly.

See, Coleen suspected that stories from her personal life, shared exclusively on her private Instagram account and reaching the eyes of "trusted" followers only, were being leaked to The Sun by a friend, where they soon became gossip items. In an effort to pinpoint the perpetrator, she then claims to have restricted viewership on her IG stories to one person only, before sharing fake tales of gossip to see if they'd end up public knowledge. And folks? It worked. Let's let her tell it.


Yes, per Mrs. Rooney, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has been solely responsible for leaking all sorts of personal dealings to the press, from the real to the phony (so your basement in D.C. is just fine then?!).

We have only one word for Queen Rooney: Clutch.

Now that we've got a bombshell development on one side of this story, Brits seem inclined to let Mrs. Rooney loose on a few other prominent English folks who need investigating.

We'll just be sitting here waiting patiently for Rebekah's rebuttal.