Washington Having Internal Discussions About Changing Team Name

The Washington Redskins might be getting a new name
The Washington Redskins might be getting a new name / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins have really started to feel the heat as it pertains to their racist history and past over the last few weeks, and the pressure is so great that the name might finally be changed after years of fighting.

After pressure from stadium sponsor FedEx, the Redskins will undergo a formal review of the team name, which could pave the path for a rebrand.

The fact that a review is even taking place should be a pretty massive hint that the Redskins name is going to go the way of the dinosaur.

Head coach Ron Rivera said this mission is "of personal importance" to him, while owner Dan Snyder said that he is taking input from "our alumni, the organization sponsors, the NFL, and the local community." This is sharp heel turn from just a few years ago, when he said that he would NEVER change the Redskins name.

The Redskins name was created by a racist man in George Preston Marshall who openly stated it has nothing to do with honoring Native American heritage. A good way to show how you support racial equality in 2020 is to replace the most overtly offensive name in sports with something more palatable.