FedEx Pressuring Dan Snyder to Finally Change Offensive Name of Washington Football Franchise

FedEx is pressuring Dan Snyder to change the name of the Washington football franchise.
FedEx is pressuring Dan Snyder to change the name of the Washington football franchise. | Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Washington football franchise has been under scrutiny for many years over their offensive team name, the Redskins. Calls for the removal of said name and logo used to be met with vitriol by owner Dan Snyder, where he'd exclaim that the team will never change. But now, he's got some significant pressure to do so.

FedEx, who owns the naming rights to Washington's home stadium, made a public request to Snyder to change the team's nickname on Thursday.

"We have communicated with the team in Washington our request that they change the team name," read FedEx's official statement.

Corporations like Nike and Pepsi have received letters signed by shareholders, asking them to break away from the Washington franchise unless they change the offensive name. While those were huge, change likely wouldn't have come.

FedEx has huge sway with the football team. Back in 1998, FedEx purchased the naming rights to Washington's stadium for $205 million. Additionally, FedEx Corp. chairman, CEO, and president Frederick Smith holds a minority stake in the team. You think Snyder will finally listen now that money's on the line? You bet.

Given the current social climate in the United States following the death of George Floyd, the masses have called for Snyder to part ways with the racist team name. We've seen schools get renamed and monuments of controversial figures in history get taken down across the nation.

Now, it's time for Snyder to do the right thing and get rid of the team name for good.