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Warriors Take Out Classy Full-Page Ad Congratulating Raptors on NBA Championship

Say what you want about the Warriors, but they haven't been sore losers. In fairness, it's a lot easier to be classy in defeat when you've won three of the last five NBA Finals, but that shouldn't take away from the impressive manner in which the club has handled its loss to the Toronto Raptors.

The Warriors took out a full-page ad in the Toronto Star on Monday to congratulate their championship foes.

Golden State could have been angry about the multitude of key injuries suffered by their its star players, but instead they took the high road and congratulated the Raptors on their remarkable accomplishment.

Some Warriors fans have even taken the classy route on Twitter, a place not known for an abundance of tastefulness:

Maybe this is Warriors fans acknowledging that they've also been the beneficiary of injuries in their playoff runs the past few years.

Regardless, taking out an ad to congratulate the team who beat you in the championship is a good-guy move if we've ever seen one. Pat yourself on the back, Oakland.