VIDEO: Unluckiest Man of All Time Took Andrew Luck and Lamar Miller Back to Back in Fantasy Draft

With football season on the horizon, fans everywhere are kicking off their fantasy league drafts with their eyes on the prize. As with every year, some picks pan out; others don't. But one poor man had undoubtedly the unluckiest draft imaginable this year-- he took both Andrew Luck and Lamar Miller back-to-back in his draft, which bodes poorly for his season considering the former just retired from football and the latter suffered what is believed to be a torn ACL.

That's just an obscene amount of bad luck. Neither of the two would be bad picks in a just world. Now, he's suddenly out two effectively irreplaceable players.

Injuries happen, but the truly stunning part is Luck's retirement. Nobody in their wildest dreams could have foreseen the seven-year Indianapolis Colts quarterback calling it quits just weeks before the start of the season.

But amid all this poor fantasy luck (pun not intended), it's important to remember that these players aren't a pile of stats. They're human beings. Their lives and their health always must come first.

It's frustrating that the two of them won't be racking up points for this unlucky guy this year, but the obvious hope is that both Miller and Luck find wellbeing and happiness in their lives, both in the game and away from it.