VIDEO: Trevor Bauer Throws Childlike Tantrum in Complete Meltdown Against Royals

Trevor Bauer didn't have his best stuff during his start on Sunday, getting lit up by the Royals for 7 runs on 9 hits across 4.1 innings of work. When Terry Francona came to fetch the ball from him and end his day's work, Bauer had a meltdown of epic proportions, chucking the ball over the center field wall from the mound.

Bauer's night concluded after a two-run single from Nicky Lopez, and the hurler was clearly frustrated. This honestly may have been his best throw of the night.

You can really see the fury in his eyes as he prepares to heave that ball all the way out of the outfield.

Bauer's had some incidents in which his temper has flared in the past, but it's never resulted in a meltdown quite like this.

This is truly a bizarre incident and it remains to be seen whether the Indians will discipline their starter for his actions. I'm sure Francona isn't pleased about what went down.