VIDEO: Tom Brady Miraculously Beats His NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash Time at 41 Years Old

At this point we should all be asking ourselves what can't Tom Brady do. Just a month short of his 42nd birthday, the NFL and New England Patriots legend is still shattering expectations.

Nearly 20 years after he entered the league and six Super Bowl titles later, Brady somehow managed to crush his former 40-yard dash time record.

As Brady has gotten older, fans and pundits have continued to count him out and suggest that he's nearing the end of his career. While the sunset may be in sight, Brady hasn't shown many signs of slowing down statistically.

The fact that he broke a sprinting time he set when he was 22 is the most recent proof of that, as Brady's training program with Alex Guerrero keeps him in the best of shape every offseason. As the doubters grow louder, Brady finds new means to tune them out on the daily.