VIDEO: Timothy Bradley Was Completely Right for Going off About Lack of Medical Support for Dadashev

With the heartbreaking news boxer Maxim Dadashev has passed away following a brain injury suffered in a loss on Friday night, perhaps no one is angrier about it than Timothy Bradley. The former boxing great was LIVID with the lack of medical support for Dadashev outside the ring, which can be clearly seen in this clip after the bout:

Bradley is right. Why did it take so long to get Dadashev the help he so desperately needed? Even his trainer Buddy McGirt could see how much trouble the Russian boxer was in, as he stopped the fight after the 11th round.

Bradley was once again outspoken about the whole ordeal after he left the broadcast booth.

Dadashev's passing truly is tough to accept. He was a young man with so much promise and potential. May he rest in peace.