VIDEO: Steve Kerr Reflects on Smart Decision to Choose Warriors Over Knicks After David Fizdale Firing

Steve Kerr reflecting on the David Fizdale Knicks firing
Steve Kerr reflecting on the David Fizdale Knicks firing

After an abysmal 4-18 start to the year, the Knicks have decided to fire coach David Fizdale. New York will be moving onto its sixth coach in seven years, and believe it or not, there was a time when Steve Kerr was believed to be on the verge of taking over in the Big Apple. Instead, he decided to take the Warriors offer. Have a listen to Kerr reflect on his decision after hearing about the firing of Fizdale on Friday.

Kerr began his thoughts on the firing by stating how well he got to know Fizdale over the years and how big of a fan he was. He then took a shot at the Knicks by saying that coaching success is largely determined by the strength of an organization.

When asked to reflect on his decision back in 2014, Kerr indicated that he absolutely made the right choice and he likely would have been fired years ago had he been with the Knicks.

Kerr made what was probably a tough choice for him at the time, but his smart decision led to him coaching a dynasty instead of becoming another victim to that dysfunctional franchise that is the Knicks.