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VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Suggests Absurd Lakers-Suns Trade Involving Devin Booker and Kyle Kuzma

Stephen A. Smith suggests Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns trade.
Stephen A. Smith suggests Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns trade.

With Kyle Kuzma seemingly available for trade from the Lakers, everyone is giving their two cents in regards to what team would be a viable landing spot for the third-year forward. Well, Stephen A. Smith suggested a possible deal involving the Lakers and Suns on ESPN's First Take, and it was downright appalling. Smith, showing no understanding of player value, suggested the Suns trade Devin Booker to the Lakers, for a package centered around Kuzma, with a couple of draft picks sprinkled in.

Does Smith really think the Suns would offload their best asset and franchise cornerstone in order to land Kuzma, as well as a couple of draft picks destined to be at the tail-end of the first round?

Not only that, but the Lakers would also have to match Booker's $27.285 million salary he's earning this year in order to facilitate a deal. Considering Kuzma is pocketing less than $2 million this season, that would take a lot of additional pieces on the Lakers' end.

Smith is simply grasping at straws here, and fans let him know how absurd his suggestion was on Twitter.

Sorry, Stephen A, but this take won't age well.