VIDEO: Slow Motion Clip of Jake Marisnick-Jonathan Lucroy Hit Shows Astros OF Tried to Avoid Contact


On the final Sunday before the All-Star break, there was a brutal collision in the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels game. In the bottom of the eighth inning with the game tied at 10, George Springer hit a fly ball to right field, leading to Jake Marisnick tagging up and trying to score. Sadly, he collided with catcher Jonathan Lucroy and knocked the Angels veteran out of the game with the vicious hit. Plenty of people think Marisnick should be suspended for this nasty collision, but when you look at the play in slow motion, it looks like Marisnick actually tried to avoid Lucroy but made the wrong read at the last second.

It's easy to say that Marisnick could've stayed to the outside of home plate and slap the plate from that area, but you can see that Lucroy shifted to his left just a little bit and Marisnick thought he could go inside to avoid the tag.

Unfortunately, Lucroy stayed inside and took Marisnick's shoulder at full force to the head.

Obviously, it was a bad decision on Marisnick's part. However, it's easy to slow everything down and say a player should've done this or that, but this game happens in full speed and you don't have that much time to read and react.

Hopefully, Lucroy is OK and will be ready to play in the second half.