VIDEO: Astros' Jake Marisnick Destroys Angels Catcher Jonathan Lucroy in Nasty Home Plate Collision

A truly disturbing scene recently materialized at Minute Maid Park. In the eighth inning of a 10-10 barnburner between the Astros and Angels, Jake Marisnick attempted to tag up on a George Springer fly out to right field and proceeded to steamroll Los Angeles' catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who lied on the ground motionless for several minutes. WARNING: the footage is alarmingly graphic and unpleasant.


There's a reason that home plate collisions have brought about a tremendous amount of controversy in recent years: when timed perfectly, catchers (solely focused on fielding the incoming throw) truly have no say in defending themselves. That's why these are, you know, outlawed; this run was taken off the board, following a review.

By the time Lucroy faced the third base path, Marisnick was already breathing down his neck.

As we mentioned earlier, Lucroy was down for several minutes, but was ultimately carted off. The veteran catcher suffered a bloody noise in the violent collision, but an MRI absolutely looms in his future and we won't know the extent of his condition until the results are released.

Marisnick was rightfully called out after a replay review determined that he swerved out of the baseline and lowered his shoulder to make contact with the two-time All-Star.

Let's hope that Lucroy isn't forced to miss any significant time and is able to return to the field post All-Star Break.