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VIDEO: Slow-Mo Clip of Charlie Culberson Getting Drilled in Face is Brutal

In an incredibly scary moment during the Braves game on Saturday, Charlie Culberson tried to lay down a bunt, but instead ended up getting hit square in the face by the ball. Culberson was down on the ground, and his face was heavily bruised in the aftermath. And if you thought the incident looked bad in real time, wait until you get a glimpse of the absurd slow-motion cut.

Culberson's face looked like it was going in eight different directions at once, and he immediately hit the ground in pain.

Fernando Rodney's pitch was high and inside, and Culberson was the unfortunate victim of putting his face too close to the strike zone.

Culberson was carted off the field but he gave an encouraging thumbs up to fans at National Park.

He'll certainly think twice about where he positions his head the next time he tries to drop down a bunt.