VIDEO: Rob Parker Spewing Nonsense Take About Patriots and Tom Brady is the Absolute Final Straw

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have maintained one of the longest-lasting dynasties in NFL history that has prevailed to this day. Yet, the man STILL has trash to talk, this time focusing on the new contract extension the two sides agreed upon this week.

Wow! Someone managed to give a more absurd take than Skip Bayless for once.

Parker blasted the Patriots for giving out "welfare" to Brady in one of the most absurd things anyone has ever heard.

“I didn’t know the Patriots were giving out welfare,” Parker said Undisputed. “Why in the world does Tom Brady need a raise? The last guy who put up Super Bowl numbers like that as a quarterback was shown the door — Peyton Manning."

Why does Tom Brady need a raise? Maybe because he's been the most underpaid QB in the NFL for years? Are you insane?

Not only that, but he claims this is the end of the Patriots' dynasty. Another idiot thinking that's going to happen!

If 2019 was the year of Tom Brady's expected downfall, why would the Pats extend him? Probably because this quarterback, who is supposedly declining, has led New England to the Super Bowl in four of the last five seasons, winning three Lombardi Trophies in that span.

Brady may be taking it a little easier than usual this offseason with all the family cliff jumps, beach rendezvouses, and distasteful music videos, but the GOAT always finds a way to shatter our already high expectations.

The 2019 season will be no different.