VIDEO: Remembering When Miguel Cabrera Thwarted Orioles' Intentional Walk Attempt for an RBI Base Hit

Miguel Cabrera is so good he gets hits on intentional walks
Miguel Cabrera is so good he gets hits on intentional walks /

Even when you want to intentionally walk Detroit Tigers legend and future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera, you'd better make sure you don't put your pitch in the same area code as him, or he'll try to whack it into center field. During his time with the Florida Marlins on this day in 2006, he did just that against the Baltimore Orioles. Pitcher Todd Williams couldn't get his intentional ball far enough outside, so Cabrera deposited it into the outfield for a single that scored a much younger, faster, and slimmer Hanley Ramirez.

The Marlins won 8-5, as Randy Messenger got the win and Joe Borowski recorded the save. The Orioles wasted eight great Kris Benson innings as Williams, LaTroy Hawkins, and Chris Ray each gave up a few runs.

While Cabrera's Triple Crown days with the Tigers will obviously define his legacy, a good chunk of baseball fans forget how dominant he was with the Marlins. From 2004 to 2007, Cabrera's age 21-24 seasons, an average season for him consisted of a .318 average, 32 home runs, and 115 RBIs.

In an age where batting average is being sacrificed on the alter of on-base percentage and swinging for the fences on every pitch, we might see fewer hitters that have both elite power and a total command of the strike zone like Cabrera. Even during his Marlins days, he was clearly a special talent.