VIDEO: Raptors Fans Curse Off Steph Curry's Mom and She Gives Them the Sauce Right Back

With an NBA championship having just fallen through their grasp, fans of the Toronto Raptors were not a pleasant bunch following Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Rather than engage in a productive expression of their justifiably angered emotions, a few fans were caught on camera hurling expletives at the mother of the man leading the charge for the Golden State Warriors, Sonya Curry.

Instead of giving them the silent treatment as she retreated to her hotel room, Sonya decided to clap back, riding high after son Stephen Curry's play helped send the series back to Oracle Arena.

The night of the Game 5 loss was not a good night for the city of Toronto as a whole. And while the Raptors fans took it out on Sonya Curry, she was not afraid to dish it right on back.

Following Kevin Durant's retreat to the hardwood after re-injuring his right leg, fans inside ScotiaBank Arena could be heard cheering only until Raptors players implored them to cease.

Canadian residents supposedly have the reputation as some of the friendliest people in the world. After these two latest incidents, that standing is likely to take a hit.