VIDEO: Rangers Release Clip of Joey Gallo Destroying Dingers at New Unfinished Stadium

Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers destroying homers at Globe Life Field
Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers destroying homers at Globe Life Field /

In what looks like a cut scene from a story-mode MLB game (get on that by the way, MLB The Show), Rangers slugger Joey Gallo took to an all-dirt field at his team's future ballpark on Wednesday to sock some dingers, as per usual.

Maybe it's the aesthetic of the industrial, unfinished stadium. Or maybe it's the satisfying crack of the wooden bat as it launches the baseball into the empty concrete bleachers. But this really works.

Gallo (no relation to "Crazy Joey" Gallo from The Irishman, despite the viciousness of these hacks) has clearly been getting accustomed to his new home ballpark. Following a down year, counting numbers-wise, in 2019, where he hit just .251 with just 22 homers despite excellent peripherals and an All-Star Game honor, Gallo will look to return to the 2017-18 version of himself, when he hit 40+ homers. Something tells me that he will have a pretty easy time doing so with the favorable dimensions of Globe Life Field.

With shallow corners in the new stadium, something tells me that we will be seeing a lot of Gallo longballs pulled out to right field. Globe Life Field is scheduled to open in March of 2020, but honestly, I think I prefer the current edition of the stadium.