VIDEO: Patriots' Kyle Van Noy Reveals Bill Belichick Shot Him in the Face During Paintball

New England Patriots Victory Parade
New England Patriots Victory Parade

It appears that Bill Belichick's competitiveness carries off of the football field and onto the paintball course. What was intended to be a fun offseason activity for the New England Patriots is now giving star linebacker Kyle Van Noy nightmares.

While live streaming himself playing Fortnite, Van Noy tells teammate Dont'a Hightower that Belichick shot him in the mask during the team-building exercise, forcing the mask back into his tooth.

Hightower can be heard laughing at Van Noy for his inability to avoid being shot by the much older Belichick. After all, it's never pleasant to get whooped by your own head coach, no matter the scenario.

Van Noy may be a force on the defensive side of a football field, but he was unable to stop his head coach from taking him out with some sharpshooting in the paintball course.

I'm sure Belichick is going to be quick to take jabs at Van Noy when passing one another at the facility, while the linebacker will be trying to get the taste of paint out of his mouth while scheduling a trip to the dentist.