​​Bill Belichick is no stranger to the Super Bowl postgame interview, and more often than not, he's been on the stage for the award ceremony. ​Belichick notched his sixth Super Bowl victory as a head coach after the ​Patriots beat the ​Rams on Sunday, and in his postgame interview, he shouted out the doubters who the team used as motivation all year long. 

Many people were vocal about their lack of confidence in the Patriots, with people suggesting that ​Tom Brady was too old to play at a high level and that the team had no shot at beating some of the other elite squads in the league. That just made the Patriots want it more. 

"We're still here," said Belichick from the stage. "Everybody counted us out from the beginning of the season." 

The Patriots wanted this Super Bowl victory so badly, in part due to the lack of support they were receiving from others around the league. No one expected them to make it to the Super Bowl, but when they arrived, everyone was predicting they'd win. That's the power of the Patriots in the postseason. 

If there's one thing NFL fans should have learned from this season, it's to never doubt the Patriots, at least not publicly. It motivates the team to hear people are counting them out, and this is a prime example of why it's not a smart idea to lend the Patriots even more motivation.