VIDEO: NBA Refs Completely Screw Rockets by Not Counting James Harden's Dunk After Bizarre Sequence

Houston Rockets G James Harden
Houston Rockets G James Harden

It's about to be 2020. We have all the technology in the world to solve the simplest of problems, but the NBA seemingly can't put that into action. Take Tuesday night's Houston Rockets-San Antonio Spurs game, for instance. James Harden slammed home a breakaway dunk, but the manner in which it went through the net actually made it look like a miss. The refs called it as such, didn't award the Rockets with a bucket, caused an entire stir, and Houston lost the game by two in double overtime.


The refs' explanation? The 30-second window to review the play passed because the Rockets were "protesting the call."

After that, Lonnie Walker went off for the Spurs, scoring 19 in the fourth to force overtime. San Antonio took the game 135-133 in the second OT.

Between the NFL being unable to figure out pass interference review and the MLB using a microscope to determine if a player's pinkie came off the bag on a bang-bang tag play, we now have this to add to the dismal state of replay in sports.