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VIDEO: Nate Diaz Lights Joint at Open Workout Ahead of UFC 241 and Passes it Around

Nate Diaz is not one to shy away from a headline, and this move by the UFC superstar at his open workout no doubt exemplifies this. Diaz walked across the stage smoking what very much appeared to be a big joint as he prepared for his open workout ahead of UFC 241 Saturday in Anaheim.

Not only did Diaz take a couple pulls from this little hand-rolled number, but he passed it off to his videographer, who proceeded to pass it to the fans. A few of them took pulls off the thing. Diaz called it "good etiquette."

What was Nate Diaz Smoking?

Folks, before we go overboard with all those "NATE DIAZ SMOKES WEED" headlines, subsequent reports that the man was actually smoking CBD.

Can UFC Fighters Smoke Weed?

Well, since you asked, no. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabanoid present in marijuana that induces a high, is on the UFC's list of banned substances.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is likewise a cannabinoid, but it produces no psychoactive effects. Rather, it is known to produce therapeutic anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects in some patients. Research suggests that it may be able to shrink certain types of cancer cells as well. Diaz has his own brand of CBD products called GAME UP CBD, and clearly made great use of Wednesday's open workouts to promote his product.

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its ban list in 2018, Diaz is free to smoke the substance without running afoul of the UFC or the US Anti-Doping Agency.

Diaz put on a show for the fans at his open workout prior to his fight with Anthony Pettis, but not until after making a national headline. All in a day's work for the bruising brawler ahead of his long-awaited Octagon comeback.