VIDEO: Myles Garrett Puts on a Show in Latest Ridiculous Workout

Myles Garrett is not human! The latest workout video from the Cleveland Browns defensive end proves that his regimen may only be rivaled by that of former Steeler James Harrison. And that's some otherworldy praise.

Garrett can be seen squatting 675 pounds (!) with relative ease, proving why he is one of the premier defensive playmakers in the NFL. I mean, seriously, the last time I saw that many plates was at Thanksgiving dinner.

Not to be outdone by his absurd squatting was the box jump that Garrett accomplished while holding 50 pound weights in each hand. Box jumps are incredibly difficult already -- especially at the height Myles was taking on -- but when you add dumbbells to the equation, the level of difficulty is astronomical.

It is unbelievable how hard this man works to keep his body in the shape it needs to be in to compete on a weekly basis in the NFL. If you ever wondered how Garrett developed that lightning-quick first-step off the line of scrimmage, well, these videos are the answer you have been looking for.