Real friends, how many of us?

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett swooped in for the save on Twitter when Redskins running back Derrius Guice almost became Mia Khalifa's latest casualty.

Guice played a dangerous game by quote-tweeting one of the former adult actress' many suggestive photos. Luckily, the Pro Bowl defensive end came off the edge with some advice for the young running back.

Guice appreciated the warning, laughing it off in his response.

Khalifa, a huge DC sports fan, has been known to expose a number of athletes that have tried to slide in her DM's over the years, the most savage of which coming at the expense of former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.

Shoutout to Myles for looking out for a fellow NFL brother. Coming off of a 2018 campaign that ended before it started due to a torn ACL, the last thing Guice needs to do is take a hit like this off the field before he can make his actual rookie debut in a game that matters.