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VIDEO: MLB Denying the Balls Are Juiced is Clearly a Joke After Joc Pederson's Homer Against Padres

Joc Pederson's home run on Tuesday night against Padres shows the baseballs are juiced.

While this year's MLB season provided plenty of excitement, it also raised some concerns. Why's that? The home runs are increasing at an astronomical rate, leaving many to wonder if the baseballs are juiced. Justin Verlander and Masahiro Tanaka expressed their belief that the baseballs have been altered. If you want an example as to why this debate exists, we take you to Tuesday night's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres at Petco Park. In the top of the ninth inning, outfielder Joc Pederson hit a high pop up to left field, destined to be a fly out. Instead, it went over the wall and everyone was shocked.

The reactions tell it all. Pederson chucked his bat in anger, and seconds later, had a stunned look on his face as he rounded the bases. The Dodgers dugout and the broadcast team were equally baffled.

While Major League Baseball vehemently denies the baseballs are juiced, individuals will certainly point to this home run by Joc Pederson on Sept. 24 as their counter argument.